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Minimum stitch count includes up to 5 thread colors and 5,000 stitches for bags and aprons. If design exceeds the included amount of stitches we will quote before proceeding with order.

THREAD COLORS: See here for standard Madeira thread colors. Add .35(G) per item for Metallic Gold & Silver, per 1,000 stitches.

TAPE CHARGE: $100.00(G) for all new orders. For designs exceeding the standard amount of stitches, add $35.00(G) per each additional 1,000 stitches to the embroidery tape charge and .35(G) running charge for every additional 1,000 stitches to the price of the item. Additional stitch charges also apply to all free tape orders.


  1. Reduction or enlargement of customer supplied tape - $15.00(X). Maximum reduction or enlargement of tape is 20% of original size.
  2. Up to 2 lines of straight-line type edit - $20.00(X). Straight line copy-stock lettering only. Up to 7,000 stitches $25.00(X) tape charge.

DUPLICATE TAPES/DISCS: Tape on file, $25.00(X) each.

ADDITIONAL THREAD COLORS: Add $1.50(C) per piece, per color, per location for 8th and 9th color. If a thread color change is required add $35.00(G) per change.

INDIVIDUAL PERSONALIZATION: Initials - add $5.00(G) per bag to the embroidered price. Names - add $8.00(G) per bag to the embroidered price. Note: Names and Initials not to exceed 1" height and not smaller than ½".


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