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Factory Direct - Overseas Orders

Source Direct – Explained in 5 easy steps!

We love to work with our customers, every step of the process. Have an idea? Can’t nail it? Let our creative team help you in bringing your concept to a reality.

IdeationThe creative process of nailing that big idea by our fabulous team
Design: Our experienced product development team put your imagination into art art
Sourcing: We source from our own factory / partner factories that comply with industry’s highest standards
Packaging: Sourced product is branded and packaged according to your specs.
Distribution: Finished product is delivered
 Infograph showing steps for custom made orders

Why order with Totes Factory? 

 Factory Direct Process Steps in an Infograph

Here are some of the recent projects that we recently delivered to our customers...Call us today to discuss your CUSTOM MADE BAGS Project!

Elizabeth Arden

 Manufacturing – Our Factory


Since 1959, Totes Factory has answered the Textile manufacturing needs of its clients all over the world with a commitment to quality, skilled workforce, and competitive costs that have made us trusted leaders in the industry. With our own factory overseas, we have total control over planning, production and quality of the products. Other Suppliers in the industry depend on outside sourcing, and do not have a complete control over the entire production process, we have the advantage of complete control over every step of the production.  


We bring decades of experience to meet your manufacturing requirements and can handle everything from planning and production to distribution, and all points in between. In fact, it’s all we do—all day, every day. And it’s been that way since 1959. Trust that your manufacturing needs will be met with integrity and professionalism when you work with Totes Factory.  

To meet daily needs of our promotional distributor partners, we stock 100s of styles of bags and other accessories in our 4 strategically located warehouses throughout the USA. This gives us an advantage to produce and deliver from the closest location to you. When you place your order with Totes Factory, rest assured, you are in good hands!



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